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Understanding Respiratory Tract Infections (RTIs)
section: Investing in Your Respiratory Health
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Investing in Your Respiratory Health

The more you know about RTIs and what you can do to improve your symptoms, the better you may feel. To find out what treatment regimen is right for you, talk to your physician. RTIs are a serious health concern that should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, there are effective medications available that can help you take control of your respiratory health.

Remember, good health habits, proper diet and hygiene, rest and regular exercise increase your ability to fight respiratory illnesses.

Source: American Lung Association

Respiratory Tract Infection Alert (RTIalert)

To learn about the level of respiratory tract infections in your area, log on to RTIalert.com. By simply entering your zip code, the RTIalert will be able to predict if your home town will be hit hard with RTIs this winter, and if so, when.

current section: Investing in Your Respiratory Health
current page: 7 / 8

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