RTIalert: The first respiratory tract infection (RTI) tracking program available to the public

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About the RTIalert
The Respiratory Tract Infection Alert, sponsored by Bayer, is America's first national tracking system giving consumers direct access to proprietary information on Respiratory Tract Infection (RTI) rates in their area. The RTIalert's predictive information lets the public know if their city will be hit hard with RTIs this season, and if so, when. Within days, it provides RTI incidence data from a sample of approximately 30,000 physicians, gleaned from data encompassing 85-100 million outpatient visits in 72 markets per year.

It is reported on a scale of zero to ten, with ten indicating the highest incidence of RTIs in that particular area. Each city is also assigned a status, depending on the local trend in RTI incidence:

Normal: Indicates baseline levels.
Advisory: The city is experiencing an increase in RTI levels.
Early Warning: RTI incidence will peak within one to three weeks.
Alert: City is currently reaching a peak in RTIs for the season.

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