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Frequently Asked Questions
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   What is the Bayer Respiratory Tract Infection Alert?

The Respiratory Tract Infection Alert sponsored by Bayer is a predictive measure of certain kinds of seasonal respiratory illnesses in 72 cities across the United States. Each week, reports are received from tens of thousands of doctors on the number of patients they are seeing with different types of respiratory tract infections (RTIs). These data are collected and reported within days to provide current measurement of illness levels in each covered city. The RTIalert is reported on a scale from 0-10, where 0 is equal to the absence of respiratory infection or illness in a given city and 10 is the projected maximum incidence level in that city.

   How do I use the RTIalert to find out about RTIs in my area?

Log on each week to RTIalert.com and enter your zip code to get the current RTIalert reading for your area and a prediction of when your area might be hit with infections this season.

   How accurate is the Respiratory Tract Infection Alert?

The Bayer RTIalert is a reliable predictive measurement of respiratory illness that has been tested and proven numerous ways. The data, gleaned from 85-100 million outpatient visits in 72 markets per year, has been shown to be comparable to other reputable indices, such as the National Drug Therapeutic Index (NDTI) and other data sets of illness incidence (i.e. Surveillance Data Inc.'s FAN data and the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey from the National Center for Healthcare Statistics) to ensure accuracy.

   How does the RTIalert predict RTI peaks in my area?

The RTIalert has been developed using 16 years of respiratory illness data in the United States. Computer models have been developed that allow for accurate forecasting of illness levels based on current data and historical illness trends. When certain increased illness levels are reached in a city, the models are able to predict that an increase of RTIs will occur shortly.

   Does the RTIalert cover my area?

The RTIalert covers about 72 large cities across the nation. If you live in a smaller city, there is probably a city nearby that can provide a general idea of overall illness levels in your region.

   Where can I get more information on the Bayer RTIalert?

To get the current Bayer RTIalert for your area, log on to RTIalert.com or call 866-RTI-INFO (1-866-784-4636). These services also provide a free brochure on common adult RTIs and tips on how to stay well this winter.

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